what to take on vacation to Crete?

Holiday house VILLA LIMANI recommends to take these items on your vacation to Crete:

How much money to take on vacation to Crete for a week ?

  • Take care because in many restaurants and bars you cannot pay with card. There are sufficient cash machines but withdrawal cost 3€ each time and sometimes they are empty or limited cash withdrawal available. For one week I would advice to bring between 500 and 1000€ cash excluding the cost of a rental car.


  • ID card, take also a copy or scan in case of loss
  • Drivers license(in case you rent a vehicle)
  • Keys and remote control of your home 
  • Decoder of your banks ; KBC ING BNPparisbasFORTIS or others

What medication to take on vacation to Greece? 

  • At villa Limani there is an extended "first aid kit" with basic medication at our guests disposal. But don't forget to take specific personal medication.
  • Most of the medication is cheap in Greece and available without prescription in the farmacies (also in VAMOS). for example for diaria ERSEFURYL is very powerful and available in Greece.
  • Ibiprofen, Dafalgan, Stomage-protection 
  • Although there are little number of musqitos, there could be some at sunset when there is little wind. Medication for bites is available in the villa but not for prevention. 


  • smart phone - at preference with google maps ( use it as GPS )
  • iPad or PC
  • Don't forget the chargers
  • Photo camera for the holiday pics 
Pool and Beach

  • swimming glasses, airdops (sun and water could cause ear infections)
  • swimming shorts / bikini (2x)
  • Towels for the beach ( towels for the bathroom and the pool at the villa are provided )
  • Beach bag


  • sunglasses (UV 400 or higher)
  • Sun protection creme ; at least a factor 20 and for children factor 50.
  • Don't use OILS in the pool, they leave a dark substance at the border of the pool that is very difficult to remove.
  • cap or hat
  • sunblock of the lips and nose or weak/burned spots
  • aftersun

Bathing / washing

  • Shower and bathing gel/soap
  • Tampons
  • Personal bathing stuff, tooth brush and shaving stuff
  • Two hairdryers are provided, if needed bring your own curler or straightener 
  • a few dishwasher tablets are provided, depending on your intentions to cook bring some extra.
  • washing tablets (1 is provided)

What clothes to pack for Greece in the summer?

  • Jacket or pul-overl (can be chilly in the evening)
  • extra pair of shoes, walking shoes, sport shoes, slippers at the pool, water shoes for pebble beaches or when snorkeling 
  • one long pants
  • lots of shorts, shirts, T-shirts, short and long dresses, 
  • during summer it is rear that it rains.

Don't forgets : for when you leave your home at your property:

  • to Block your garage doors, windows and doors.
  • Install a few time switches on some lights to simulate movement in your house
  • adapt your heating, warm water production or other automated systems.
  • install a battery charger on the battery of your car, when you stay away for long time
  • empty the post box and put a sticker NO PUBLICITY

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