We love to assist you in the preparation of your luxury holidays on Crete. With pleasure for offer you our experiences and here are maybe some answers to questions you could have. Should you have more questions please don't hesitate to contact us at rudi.Saelens@me.com

Are there extra charges like taxes, energy, water, tourist taks to be paid at my stay at VILLA LIMANI?

For your stay at our holiday house VILLA LIMANI, there are NO additional costs to pay. Included is the cost for water consumption, energy (electricity, air conditioning), cleaning and laundry, all tourist taxes are also included.

It is possible that you will receive a visit from the Greek tourist inspection. They will ask you questions regarding your lease, just give an honest answer. They can also ask you to show the rental license (rental license EOT or AMA). These papers are to be found at the back of the ring folder (VILLA LIMANI information folder) which you have undoubtedly already found.

Advice regarding the use of the air conditioning:

The three bedrooms each have an individual thermostatic control. Put this on an hour before you go to sleep. Ideal at 24 ° C this way you avoid waking up sick in the morning. A cold from an air conditioner can last for months, I believe from experience.

Turn off the air conditioner during the day and open the windows (with the fly window closed). The air conditioner has no lock with open windows but please save the energy for our planet.

which personal documents do I need to bring with me (EU) for a holiday on Crete?

Coming from within the EU you only need an identity card (ID). Make sure the validity date has not passed yet nor will expired while you are in Greece.

Children over the age of 12 must also have an ID card.

If you wish to rent a car, you must also bring your driving license and a credit card for the guarantee.

Guest who are coming from out of EU need to consult their government or embassy for detailed information.

How much cash do I need to take for a holiday on Crete?

Attention, you will not be able to pay by card in many restaurants and bars. 

There are plenty of ATM's in the area, but you will always pay about € 3 per withdrawal and the amounts per withdrawals could be limited.

For one week I usually take between 500 € and 1000 € for 2 people. Depending where you go out for dinner/lunch.

Cash machines nearby

* VAMOS center opposite of the school at the PIREUS bank

* Kalyves: in the center at the PIREUS bank or a little further near the church at the PANCRETAN bank.

* Almirida: at Flisvos (car rental)

I want to rent a car during my vacation on Crete, what rental company do you recommend?

Of course it is best to rent a car when you stay in our holiday house  "Villa Limani". Car rental fees are considerably higher than in Spain for example (due to the high taxes of the ministry on cars).

We recommend renting a car that is slightly higher off the ground. A FIAT PANDA, SUZUKI Ignis, S-cross or Vitara. These cars allow you to drive without risk of hitting a rock on the Greek country roads.


It is not always clear how much the deposit is that you have to pay as downpayment. That is why we recommend that you take a rental company that has its office at the airport itself and not a little further on. Once there they ask for a deposit in Cash of about 1000 € or more when this is not clearly mentioned in the car rental contract.

There are 2 rental companies that do not ask for a downpayment;

* AVIS (you can make a reservation via the website) and they have their office in the airport building

* AUTOCLUB, a local company where we have rented dozens of times, they have an extraordinary reputation. No downpayment and low prices. email info@autoclub-rentals.gr, ask nar Olga (speaks good english and state that you were sent by Rudi and Nancy). Be sure to make your reservations in time because the number of cars is limited during high saison.

How does the cleaning work in the holiday house villa limani on Crete ?

In our holiday home "Villa Limani" on Crete, we make sure that a general cleaning is done on the same day that you arrive.

The necessary number of beds are made up and towels are provided for each person present.

There is also a towel for the pool available per guest, but we ask you not to take it outside the villa and to throw it in the washing machine for a wash at the end of your holiday.

Cleaning takes place every seven days. If you stay 10 days,for example, the intermediate cleaning will be done somewhere in the middle of your stay.

Walter, our Scottish pool boy, makes sure the pool is cleaned twice per week, most of the times very early in the morning.

Alex, our gentle gardener visits us every 14 days and works very discreetly (from 7 am-3pm)

Where are the supermarkets, shops, bakery, butcher, etc. in the area of VAMOS?

Our holiday house "Villa Limani" is located near the village of VAMOS (1,2km). The typical Greek village, through its historical importance, is a complete village with many schools, shops, bank, bakery and butcher. The inhabitants and many expaths are living there the year round. 

Kalyves is the biggest village of the area and offers all kind of shops and a supermarket. It is located at 6 km and very easy to reach.

Download a map of VAMOS and a map of KALYVES with indication of the different shops here :

what to do with waste and garbage on Crete? do we sort, where to dump?

The waste in Crete is not sorted, so it is best to throw everything in 1 bag. One exception are glass bottles, which you can dump in a yellow waste containers.  One is located near the church of VAMOS, close to restaurant Bloumousifi.

Point of attention : make sure that your waste is properly cleaned up, crumbles and other organic stuff is attractive to mices and other vermin that sometimes secretly visit the kitchen and are still difficult to get rid of.

After BBQ or using the outdoor kitchen, make sure to clean up especially the BBQ because organic fats attract the bees. Many of these little friends can come to visit you at breakfast in the morning.

Throw waste bags in the waste container that is situated in the carport. Put a stone on it so that the cats that visit us during the night do not empty it.

Dump regularly your waste in one of the many street containers, no matter which one. There is one at the entrance of the rural access road that you take to the villa.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Crete?

Tap water or city water in Crete is drinkable.  Usually in the restaurants and bars you get a carafe of tap water for free upon arrival. The tap water contains a lot of lime and is purified with the addition of chlorine. You can sometimes taste it.

We therefore recommend that you drink bottled water. A 1/2 liter bottle of SAMARIA water costs 0,50 € cents all over Greece. So for a large bottle you pay 1 € or a little more.

The water supply in Crete can be a problem in the summer months. Usually there are shortages and the municipality alternately interrupts certain zones or adjusts the water pressure. These interruptions can last a few days (2 to 3 days, but rarely longer).

Worse are the local farmers who sometimes dare to shut off the water supply to the villa from the distribution tap on the street. It must then be opened manually again.

Our holiday home "Villa Limani" has water storage of 3 x 1000L in the storage cellar. This is city water. With this amount, a family of 6 people should be able to continue without problems for 3 days.

However, it is possible that this water has been standing still for a while and that is why we advise you not to drink from the tap water, but to use some for your personal hygiene. We also prefer bottled water for coffee, but that is a personal choice.

what to take with me on a vacation to Crete?

We have made a list of things to bring on vacation, but we did not include personal stuff like clothes. Please download it here:

Is it safe to drive a car in Crete?

As guest of "Villa Limani" the luxury holiday house on Crete you will certainly rent a car. But maybe you are confused when you see Greeks driving on the roads, are the priority rules the same?

When we came to live in Greece we began to doubt if the priority rules are different then in the rest of Europe, so we checked the priority rules again to be sure.

Greeks have the tendency to give their priority to the other drivers as a gesture of kindness. So when they stop at an intersection, they let the others go first although they have priority. But on the other hand they expect the others to do the same, so when they do not have priority they count that the others will give them priority. So in fact the rules become just opposite.

There is one EXCEPTION in the busy city center. As many streets are one direction, the priority is taken almost blindfold. So when driving in the city center, be very careful and stop where you should.

With the car, a tourist should be very careful, because when getting involved in an accident, the police will certainly intervene. And because Greeks protect each other there is a possibility that you will have problems although the accident is not your fault.

Parking your car is no problem ( when you find a spot ). Everywhere there are signs forbidden to park but everyone is doing it. There is no control except when you need to pay. You better take a ticket because police is checking them.

Good Advice : stay calm and be a gentlemen in traffic, even when the person in front of you stops, gets out of his car to have a little chat with a person he knows. Just wait and don't blow your horn, remember it is vacation and this is part of Greek culture that you are now experiencing.


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