The archeological site of Aptera (20min) (between 1400 VC until 700 AD) is really worth a visit. Drive via the national road to Chania and half way turn left ( Aptera ). The views from the top are incredible overlooking SOUDA bay and the complete APOKORONAS including the White Mountains.

The site consisted in 2 locations, this one and one of the other side of the bay. They controlled all incoming ships and raised tolls. The small museum mainly shows video material of the virtually restored site and isa nice intro. 

Still present are multiple water basins that were feeding the public baths. Also a very beautiful amphitheatre build in a natural setting with amazing views to the white mountains. These Greek really knew where to build. 

After you visit to the site, make a stop at APTERA village and stop at the local taverna Kretan Corner. On Saturday there are typical Cretan dancers, quite different from the dancers you can see on the other local restaurants.

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